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Welcome To Hydria Plus

HYDRIA PLUS proudly presents you High Quality, Olympus Water Filters.

What is the difference to other filters? you may ask…

  • Unique  Worldwide Patent :  Antimicrobial Protection System , which ensures greater safety for consumers. within 2 hours to continuously kill up to 95% of the microbial flora of pathogenic microbes that the ceramic filter with micropores retains and at the same time on a permanent basis to internally disinfect the chamber of the device (self-disinfection).It is Scientifically proven by
  • What do the filters retain?

The activated carbon that it is included in the cartridge and the other parts of the cartridge, withhold the Chlorine, pesticides, phenols, toxic substances, asbestos fibres, Hexavalent chromium, Cadmium, arsenic, lead and heavy metals, while it preserves the substances that are vital for our health, such as mineral salts, trace elements etc.

*The cartridges are ceramic with active carbon inside. Keep all the vital nutrients in your water, while you get rid of all the harmful elements like Chemicals and pesticides.